So many people feel stuck and unhappy in their current situation.  However, they just do not see a way out and continue to ignore the signs that scream “get out”, “let go”, “change this…now”, and “change that…for good”.  Feeling too afraid, too paralysed of what the future might hold, and the subsequent consequences of what that change might mean.

Some of us are in denial and as a way of coping, we refuse to see a life lacking in lustre and we may decide to turn to food and eat our way to happiness …so we wished!  We may enjoy our favourite retailers spending more than we can afford, yet I’m left wandering, how many pairs of shoes does it take to make someone happy?  Up until now, no research has been done on such concept because the answer, we already know, will be a “false positive”.  Meaning there will never be any scientific evidence to claim that to be true and correct.  We may jump from one unhappy relationship to the next.  Or we just put up with the nonsense that greets us every day.  Finally, the last straw is when our physical and mental health starts to speak in loud volumes.  Headaches, eating disorders, skin breakouts, aches and pains in body, sleepless nights, low energy, turning to substance abuse and addictions, depression, anxiety, sexual issues, and even cancer.  The list goes on.

Ok, not everything is so gloomy, there is help.  And I’m not talking about living amongst many trees all on your own and reliving your ancestors lives and having to train in stone-age survival skill classes before you do embark on a journey to start feeling some sort of freedom or change.

The subconscious mind works on autopilot, and it steers your thoughts and subsequent behaviour with or without your conscious knowing.  Dr Bruce Lipton has done a lot of work on the Biology of Belief where he explains how our thoughts influence our lives and our bodies by the chemicals our brains release into our bodies.  Our subconscious, luckily, is not set in stone and we can replant new beliefs over limiting beliefs and allow such beliefs to take us onto greater things.

Change your thoughts and harmful habits to live a more empowering and healthy life. Allow your light to shine so others can see and feel that they can allow their light to shine… as well.

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