Mental and Physical Health Does Not Start in the Brain and the Body

Scientific evidence by Dr Bruce Lipton is pointing to how our physiology on a cellular level is affected by our environment. Excessive or ongoing stress can change our cellular processes and in doing so our neurochemical processes are affected. Hormones release cortisol and adrenaline plus there are harmful changes that occur to the hippocampus, amygdala, frontal lobe, and limbic system. It does not stop here. Lipton warns us that that these neurochemical processes activated by stress causes our nervous system to suppress our immune system’s ability to function at its optimal level, leading to ill-health. The reason for this is that the nervous system has its hands full with the “fight or flight” mode.

The key point is that depression does not start with genetics or a chemical imbalance in the brain. Yes, we may have a genetic predisposition to depression, however, genes need to be activated by the environment FIRST to set the ball rolling for depression. The environment is the main culprit of many mental or physical illnesses and not genetic.

Environmentally speaking, we hold onto perceptions and beliefs obtained from a wounded childhood or a child’s unmet needs which can cause illnesses during an individual’s lifespan. The subconscious mind (the feeling, emotional mind) overpowers the conscious mind with programming from our childhood and when we are triggered by stressful events, we return to this same old programming in our subconscious mind which may hold limiting beliefs and cause thoughts that no longer serve us.

Tips for managing stress and avoiding depression or illnesses:

Important to get out of the “flight or fight mode” as soon as you can by:

  • Awareness of your environment and how it is impacting your wellbeing. Make changes!
  • Journaling to become aware of your thoughts, triggers and habits and change them.
  • Daily meditation, yoga, and exercise.
  • Seek hypnotherapy for a rapid and permanent effect by identifying and eliminating the root cause of an issue, including emotional pain from a wounded childhood to become free, empowered, and healthy.

    Manuela Lopes

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