Manuela (she/her)

Relational Trauma Specialist, Couples and General Counsellor

Rapid Transformational Practitioner, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Certified Couples Therapist, and Licensed Counsellor.

I’m thrilled that you have taken the time to prioritise your wellbeing and your way of relating to yourself and to others.  When we love, nourish, and nurture ourselves we embody our authentic selves. When self-love is absent or conditional, feelings of not being loved, not being enough, or not being supported by the relationship/s in your life can surface and lead to many hardships, loneliness, anxiety, and depression.  Importantly, setting boundaries for yourself becomes challenging as you struggle to accept yourself and your judgments.

Having been on a journey of self-discovery for many years and needing to understand why I was not feeling fulfilled with life, I realised that I lacked awareness surrounding my beliefs and thoughts of how I related to myself and others.  This resulted in relationships that were lacking meaning and were conflictual.  The resulting feelings of low self-worth, self-belief, self-esteem, and self-confidence were pillars of my belief in who I was.  So, doing the inner work on relational trauma was fundamental for me.

“Afterall, you can’t heal what you don’t understand”



Healthy relationships with both yourself and others form an essential part of living life to the fullest.  Relationships influence almost all areas of our lives such as love, joy, health, wealth, harmony, and so on.  Feelings around relationship/s may be pushed aside and not dealt with leaving the individual with ongoing negative feelings and low energy.  Relational trauma requires a lot of awareness and introspection to allow for understanding so change can happen.

Rapid Transformational Therapy® (RTT®) is a brilliant tool for individuals to transform into self-love and to gain healthy and meaningful relationships.  RTT® allows you to safely explore your interpretations and perceptions deeply grounded in your subconscious mind from perhaps your childhood experiences or traumatic events where limiting self-beliefs were formed.  This influences how you are regulated by your own feelings and how you relate to others.

I am passionate about guiding the RTT® process, and seeing people change, feel empowered, and free from limiting beliefs and be who they aspire to be in their relationships and their lives.  Coding in new beliefs into the subconscious mind is part of the process where the person is fully invested in their healing journey and is then supported by the practitioner.  Limiting beliefs about love and or connection are revisited, removed, and reprogrammed in the subconscious mind for supportive, loveable, and solid connections.  Relationships that work!  Additionally, if requested, other areas impacting the person’s life are also addressed.

Knowledge in the discipline of psychology combined with RTT® training and counselling clients has equipped me with a unique and powerful skill set for understanding others and helping them to understand themselves and what makes them inspired.  Thus, a level of professionalism is provided whereby the client feels safe and understood and reaches a place of transformation.

For couples that opt for therapy together, I offer a solution-focused counselling approach for a fast and effective intervention type.