A healthy subconscious mind = a healthy conscious life

Reconnect, relate, and respond for optimal relationships and wellbeing with the power of the subconscious mind.  Feel good about yourself and your relationship/s where a life full of connection is familiar to you.  Feel free to be your authentic self and choose how you relate and connect.


New mothers may struggle with feelings of not being enough, guilt and stress. This impacts the family dynamics as well as the baby. Post-natal depression may cause the mother to want to disconnect from the baby due to feeling too overwhelmed as well as dealing with hormonal imbalances.

Mother and baby disharmony


Learn how to be aware of your loved ones and their needs.  Know how to be a masterful connector and attune into the people you love.  Create harmony and connection in your family life by knowing that you are really listening to what is said and what is not said.

Family disconnection


Feelings of not belonging, hurt, depression, anger, rejection, not enough, and disappointment. Other issues causing distress: fear of judgment, immediate/extended family conflict or same sex friend boundaries and so on.

Same sex relationship


Distanced partners/spouses and maintaining a sense of enough to be apart to keep the flame alive.
Love on-line and feeling

  • rejected
  • disappointed
  • jealous
  • distrustful
  • feeling not enough
  • feeling bullied/harassed
  • Been misunderstood
  • alone
  • and resentment

On-line relationship


These dads may feel guilty, depressed (isolated), shame and anxiety due to stigmatisation, and feel unsupported causing disconnection in the relationship.

Stay-at-home dads


Feelings of guilt, not feeling accepted, hurt, anger, rejection, resentment, and disappointment may surface and should be dealt with to avoid creating more conflict or disharmony among your loved ones, especially for the children involved.

Blended family relationship pain points


Feelings of not being enough, a sense of not belonging, being stereotyped/stigmatised, stress, anxiety, and rejection.  Fear of being judged.

Mixed race or cultural relationship


Money relationship for abundance of wealth

Food relationship for healthy living and weight control

Work relationship for ultimate performance and success

Other Relationships