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Are You Feeling Disconnected, Lonely, Empty, Numb or Depressed and Anxious. Change Your Relationship with Yourself and Rewire your Beliefs. Cope now with Past Trauma Affecting Your Life and Relationships!


Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) may cause Relational Trauma, which may include any past or perceived trauma involving disconnection, abuse, and or neglect by a significant other or an unattuned parent or caregiver.  This may lead to self-sabotage behaviours, low self-worth, and a lack of self-belief in adulthood. The relationship with the self may become tainted by feelings of shame, blame, and guilt, subsequently impacting behavior.  To add to this, relationships with others become challenging or are felt as not being available.

Additionally, we were all born with an innate need for connection, and it all starts with the caregiver and baby relationship. The beginning of a love story.  These are known as secure, insecure, avoidant, or disorganised attachment styles.  If babies feel neglected, unloved, insignificant, or unsafe, this may affect their relationships or general daily performance throughout their lifespan impacting their quality of life as adults.

I'm here to help you get to the root cause/s of your issues and or any issues linked to relational trauma and to effectively guide you to change your life to freedom and empowerment from the past or present trauma.


“You fill and nourish yourself with love and others will fill and nourish you with love”

- Marisa Peer

Self-love relationship

Self-love is not a common behaviour for many people.  Adverse Childhood Experiences where the child may have thought or perceived that their parent or parents did not love them may manifest a feeling of “I am not loveable”, “I do not matter”, “I am not important”, “I am not enough” and grow up with feelings of low self-esteem and low self-worth.  The outcome of not addressing these feelings and beliefs result in poor adult relationships, not moving forward and goals are not always achieved, and the person’s full potential is never realised.  In fact, many people feel “paralysed” or “stuck” in most instances of their lives.

Young adults need to feel a sense of connection and belonging to form healthy, warm, caring, and loving relationships.  Youth often find themselves disconnected and feeling different.  That said, issues of not feeling loved or not significant and any limiting beliefs about themselves may have carved its way into the subconscious mind and as such they may turn to addiction to help them survive.

The LOVE relationship with others

Many people find themselves questioning their relationships and soon give up on love when they believe that real proper love that is unconditional is not available to them. Or they believe they are not loveable or even worthy of being loved.  In such cases many people attract partners that are also dealing with similar feelings.  These relationships are often toxic and can even be abusive and cause more harm than harmony.  The truth is that we all need to feel connected at some level and not having connection may lead to isolation and cause depression, anxiety, loneliness and later dis-ease.

“Your subconscious will never allow you to become something you hate, ever”

- Grace Smith

WHAT IS Rapid Transformational Therapy®?

RTT® is a multi-award-winning therapeutic approach founded by Marisa Peer that has been built on psychology, psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, and healing.  RTT® is known to discard damaging beliefs and habits successfully, rapidly, and permanently by investigating with the individual how, where, and when they came to make these beliefs that live on in the subconscious mind.  Once this is achieved then the person is guided to make sense of the attached interpretation to these experiences and resulting beliefs.  By reframing these old beliefs with new beliefs, ensures that these old thought processes do not cause havoc in the individual’s life again.  Thus, setting the person up for freedom, empowerment, love, and an amazing transformation in their lives.



The steps to RAPID transformation in 2 - 3 sessions

  • Step 1:

    Free clarity call (20-30 minutes)

  • Step 2:

    Consultation (1.5 - 2 hours)

  • Step 3:

    Listen to personalised audio for 21 days.

  • Step 4:



I approached Manuela as I was going through a very dark time mentally, it was time for me to get some help. I have no prior experience to any form of therapy, except what I seen on tv, I decided to try a different approach and it exceeded all expectations. I have seen a difference in my thinking patterns, my behaviour’s, my reactions towards things and people in just a couple of weeks. I am now aware of how I used to be and how negative it was for me and now with the reframing of my mindset, I don't feel stressed or worried all the time. My partner has also noticed a difference in my approach to life and myself. I am still working on myself and so happy that I am finally putting me first! I am very eager to see how I am in a few more weeks.


South Africa

I approached Manuela because I realized I was at an age where I needed to sort out any childhood trauma that I was pretending didn't exist. Manuela helped me open up those memory boxes that needed to be opened, in order for the healing to begin. The result was me being able to understand myself and why I had done certain things in my relationships. One thing I really liked was that I started to learn to forgive myself for past mistakes. I found the experience to be the first step in the right direction to making a better future for myself. I didn't expect that my subconscious would really grasp what my recording was saying. I would often just randomly say "I forgive myself", "I am enough", "my past does not define me", "I am lovable". I wasn't sure that hypnotherapy would work for me but afterwards, I understood myself a lot better and because of that understanding, I could learn to start forgiving myself. I found my experience very eye opening and I am proud for taking the necessary steps. I am excited to continue my journey.


South Africa

My problem was Childhood emotional neglect.  I would love to work with Manuela again.  Although, the problem was not solved immediately, I think it will take time.  I think this method works because it takes you quickly and rapidly to the root cause.  What I like in particular - there were no distractions.  I would recommend Manuela to people who need support in childhood emotional neglect and low self-esteem. I am listening to her calming voice everyday - giving me tools and hope.  The fact that the audio is personal helped a lot.  There is UNDERSTANDING.  The unexpected benefit was the follow-up phone calls. It felt as if she really cared.


South Africa

I approached Manuela because I needed help with understanding why every night was a fight with my partner at the time. I chose Manuela because she has such a warmth about her. Her presence is that of a loving mother, who will just patiently sit and listen, with no judgement. And I knew the space she will create for me, will give me an opportunity to really explore my problems with relationships once and for all. I never expected the session she had with me would so quickly help me find the man I had seen in my visualization. I found the experience with Manuela to be so caring, kind and compassionate. I could just pour out my heart for hours, and she just got it. One thing I like about Manuela is her ability to make you feel like everything is going to be fine, because you have the power within yourself. I would recommend Manuela not only for relationships. I also consulted her for self-esteem issues, being too scared to move along in my studies and with her phenomenal session I am opening my very own practice today. Her recording carries me through the tough times, and gives me the boost I need on a low day. I would recommend her to anyone. Manuela is an exceptional therapist and coach. I wish had known her sooner!

Juan Marie

South Africa

I have just finished my session on self-esteem with Manuela & I just can’t recommend her enough. I want to take a few moments to say what a beautiful soul & amazing RTT practitioner Manuela is. She has opened new insights & helped me let go of old limiting beliefs allowing me to truly trust my inner strength & wisdom. Manuela’s manner is inviting & full of a warmth & compassion. Her words penetrating & powerful. Her session has left me with a lightness of being & a spreading of inner wings of confidence & possibility. I feel a deep healing is in process. I utterly love my wonderful personal transformational recording & immensely look forward to listening to it daily. A heartfelt thank you to Manuela. A natural healer & fantastic therapist. ❤️


United Kingdom

I contacted Manuela for help with a longstanding relationship issue, it’s an area that I’ve already done a lot of work on, but I still wasn’t making any progress. I’m a therapist and a bit picky about who I work with, but Manuela was a delight, taking the most extensive history and weaving all of the issues into one magical experience. I knew instantly that a shift had been made, because that night I started looking at the situation from a new clearer perspective. Whilst not the primary presenting issue, I did mention my habit of comfort eating and it was briefly included during the session. To my amazement (and delight) I woke up the next day with no sugar addiction. I’ve effortlessly stopped snacking, sticking to 3 meals a day. That change alone is priceless. My relationship issue isn’t a solved next day kind of thing, but I know it is on its way and am finding great comfort in listening to my recording once or twice a day. Thank you Manuela, for a fun and effective RTT experience.


My RTT session with Manuela was the most effective and rewarding therapy I think there is, I could literally feel the change. Manuela is highly professional and warm and welcoming at the same time. I felt completely safe during the sessions and I am forever grateful for how this has helped me.



My testimonial for Manuela Lopes...💖💖💖💖💖💖 Wow, so many thoughts and feelings from my time with you in both consultation and in the RTT session itself. Firstly, I felt guided and supported throughout which enabled me to open up and be vulnerable which I can find quite difficult but right away you conveyed your empathy, your wise observations and advice which was so comforting and encouraging. Setting us up for a good session that was powerful and liberating. Having looked over so many scenes, behaviours and patterns that have been destructive in my life I felt wiped and drained but so very free. It was like a big weight had been let go once I released some old deep rooted beliefs. I know I have to do the work now myself to wire in those changes from our session by listening to my recording but I already feel so much relief and inspiration and notice my shoulders are back and I am standing up taller. My confidence is growing as is my determination to succeed in life and business . I look forward to seeing how much better things get from here! Keep you posted and thank you so very much again. I highly recommend Manuela Lopes as an amazing therapist.


After my session with Manuela, I feel more confident, self-assured, and fearless. I have a better understanding of the way my mind works. With this new found power and boosted confidence, I can now easily overcome obstacles and handle difficult situations. Manuela is truly gifted at what she does!



Thank you Manuela for an amazing RTT session on money blocks. I felt so relaxed during the session and it was if the blocks just left my mind. I haven’t been worried about money since the session. I look forward to moving on with a stress free abundant life. I definitely recommend you to anyone needing help.



I reached out to Manuela because I was having money blocks that were holding me back. Knowing the power of RTT® I knew that my session would be amazing, but I didn’t know Manuela had a natural ability to make me feel so relaxed and safe instantly. I also feel much lighter, and I don’t feel the fear of being broke lingering over me all the time! Just two days after the session I booked 5 speaking engagements! She is awesome! Highly recommend!!